Invisalign for Teens

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July 24, 2021
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August 24, 2021

Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign for Teens

Know More about Corrective Services Including Invisalign for Teens

Have you ever thought of considering corrective services like Invisalign for teens or implant dentistry to improve your teen star’s dental health? Have you ever been actually worried about your teen star’s sedentary lifestyle and its dire impacts on his/her oral health? Maybe, you should begin to keep a tab on your youngster’s dental health, so that he/she does not suffer from any physical complications or self-esteem issues due to their poor dental health. Dental problems like cavities, tooth loss, discoloration or crooked teeth, etc. are very common during teenhood. Just like misbehaving at different social activities, teenagers often avoid preventive care for their pearlies and put a scanty emphasis on keeping up with proper oral hygiene. These can make your teenagers susceptible to different oral or dental problems. Here are some factors, that can take a serious toll on your youngster’s dental health –

Wrong food habits:-

The frequent binging on sugar-drizzled edibles or refined carbohydrates combined with cavity-causing bacteria can contribute to the untimely loss of teeth. Tooth decay caused by wrong dietary habits is extremely common amongst youth from 9 to 18 years old. One of the recent surveys has shown that the rate of tooth loss is highest amongst teenagers, although the rate of tooth decay has been declined over the past few years. You can ask the teen member of your family to brush regularly and use fluoride-containing toothpaste after every meal to keep the risks of dental problems at bay. You can even opt for the best dental care services in San Diego to counsel your teens about the importance of proper brushing/flossing techniques, nutritious dietary regimen, etc.

Hormonal changes:-

There is a higher chance of gingivitis or gum diseases among teenagers than adults or children. As per the dentists, such risks are mainly increased due to the hormonal imbalance during puberty. Generally, the human bodies tend to react to the bacterial plaques encompassing the pearly whites with an inflammatory response. The gum tissues can sometimes become slightly red or inflamed due to irritation. According to proficient dentists, the susceptibility of such dental problems can be prevented due to proper oral care, regular brushing, and the use of an effective mouth wash.


Teenage is predominated by an untamable adrenaline rush that can often persuade the wannabe adults to grow some grave habits like smoking and drinking. There is an increased risk of developing critical dental problems like cavities, teeth decay or discoloration, etc., due to excessive consumption of alcohol, usage of tobacco, and smoking. Unfavorable dental problems are associated with smokeless tobacco like gingival recession, loss of bone, or even periodontal diseases. Unsightly yellow stains and foul breath could be triggered by the habits of smoking and drinking as well. Ask your teen star to quit any of these habits to keep up with good oral health in the long run.

Eating disorders:-

Eating disorders are the most common problems amongst both teen girls and boys. Some of the most widely common eating disorders include anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, etc. Not only can these disorders take a toll on your teen star’s emotional well-being, but also butcher their overall dental health to a great extent. Eating disorders can trigger dental problems like dental erosion, dry mouth, bruising of the palate, etc. Besides taking your teenager son/daughter to a regular oral care visit, you can also opt for different corrective equipment like Invisalign for teens, dentures, implant dentistry, etc.
Teenage is undoubtedly a maze, which ushers in with truckloads of complications for the soon-to-be adults. Help your teen star have all-smile teenhood with healthy oral health.

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